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Beausejour Curling Club
80 Lockhart Ave.

Count started October 18, 2004.
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Curl Moncton provides the ice to curlers so that they can become better curlers. 
Curl Moncton offers curling, social, and recreational activities in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  One of its goals is to improve board and staff effectiveness.  Come out to all information meetings and you will hear what the "Board of Directors" are planning to do to improve the club.  They have enthusiastically encouraged and mentored many of our members in their curling pursuits.  We, the membership should encourage them in the programs they offer to us.
Do everything you can to increase membership in Curl Moncton. 
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Etiquette is an important part of curling.
You Tube has some great videos.
Monctonian Bonspiel
MCA Furliners at Camden Park Terrace for breakfast October 22, 2008:  Jim Slattery, Marg Fanjoy, Phyllis Tower, George Mattison, Romeo LeBlanc, Doug Trueman, Harold Kelly, Art Beal, John Stockman, Reg Henderson, Larry Kelly, Dave McGrath, Merle Purdy, Bill Crain, Robbie Burns, Ray Brown, Claude Parker, Jim Dalling, Norm Miller, Horace Constable, Don Melanson, Bob Janes, Gerry Dawson, John McNeish, Terry Ogilvie, Dean Colpitts, Jim Curwin, Henry Morton, Lorne Mitton, Jim Proudfoot, Garth Berry, Ed Curtis, Dan MacPherson, Lawrence Wong.

The new jackets the furliners are wearing in the above picture were presented to them by their sponsor, Peoples Park Tower/Camden Park Terrace. 
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